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Workshop Info

Last revised: Feb. 5, 2011

Comments to: Prof. F. Franek

 Dept. of Computing and Software
 Faculty of Engineering
 McMaster University
 Hamilton, Ontario
 Canada L8S 4K1
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Since its inception at McMaster University in the summer of 2007, StringMasters has spread like the common cold and become a worldwide phenomenon:
  • held again at McMaster in the spring of 2008;
  • held in 2009 in consecutive weeks at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, then Curtin University, Western Australia
  • held at King's College London in August 2010;
  • already scheduled in 2011 at the Universite de Rouen and the Universita di Palermo (following CPM).

Not wishing to be left out, the Algorithms Research Group in the Department of Computing & Software at McMaster organizes a Waiting For Spring: WFS 2011  meeting of StringMasters, a winter worskhop in stringology and related matters extending over the two-week period 28 February--11 March, 2011.  Interested researchers and their students are invited to attend in order to work on string processing problems of current interest, especially those that relate to applications in data compression, data mining, computational biology, and musicology.

Yours, WFS Chair WFS (W. F. Smyth)